International and Specialty Programs Manager (ISPM)

ISPM Process Flow


The International and Specialty Programs Manager (ISPM) module within Destiny One allows units to offer programs that cater to cohorts of students completing defined, non-credit bearing curriculum, at the same time. Students can complete a program multiple times, for example, in language-based programs students often re-enroll in the program, and as their fluency progresses they are assigned to higher levels within the program. Contrast this with a certificate which can only be taken once, and where students complete the required courses in their own time by taking any section of their choosing.

Using the International and Specialty Programs Manager you have the ability to create and manage multiple programs whose offerings are tied to course and section curriculum. Program offerings have batch placement and enrollment tools to efficiently process a large number of students within the sections defined for the offering.

Examples of Supported Programs

Please note: this module is not specific to international programs, and can be used by anyone with an appropriate use case!

  • Language programs such as Conversational English, Intensive English, and English for Business Professionals
  • Foundational university preparation
  • Specialized professional preparatory programs (for example, pre-MBA, pre-Law)
  • Foreign credentials or skills transfer and accreditation programs
  • Visiting scholars programs
  • Cultural immersion programs
  • K-12 programs

How to Learn More

Review our ISPM Overview Document for more information on the ISPM module and find out how to submit your use case for the module.