General Information

The Destiny One Registration System (DORS) support team is here to:

  • Guide you through the onboarding process
  • Help you model complex use cases
  • Ensure your base configuration details are completed and maintained, including role and workflows assignments
  • Review your course and conference set up before you go live
  • Train users on basic functionality and appropriate use of the system
  • Evaluate new system functionality and recommend configurations
  • Troubleshoot issues and test bug fixes and new release functionality
  • Provide vendor management

*The DORS support team is not intended to provide customer support to your students/learners.  Please be sure to provide clear pathways for learner support in your course and conference materials so that students/learners know who to contact when they have questions. 

Internal Contact Details:

TDX Responsible Group: ASR Destiny One
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 625-0406 or 844-228-0558

Destiny Solutions Registration System: Service Level Agreement