The goal of this questionnaire is to help the Destiny One Registration System (DORS) Team understand your use cases.  It should also help you understand a bit about the functionality that DORS provides.  We hope these questions will help you define some of the ways you might use DORS, or, if DORS is not a great fit, help us refer you to a different tool, such as the University events calendar or ticketing systems.
What program offerings would you use Destiny One Registration System (DORS) for?
Select all that apply
Do you offer most of your content on-line or in-person?
Select which types of conferences you offer
Select all that apply
Do you offer courses or conferences that help professionals complete PDU or CEU requirements for a license or professional association?
Select the applicable associations and type of professional credits
What sort of grades or completion records do you wish to record for these experiences?
Do you offer groups of courses or learning modules, completion of which might be considered a badge or certificate?
Do you require an application for a spot in your courses, certificates, or programs?
Do you need to ask learners specific questions in order to collect data for some, or all of your courses?
What course management systems do you use?
Do you have corporate or organizational clients?
Do you contract with groups or clients for bulk pricing or offer on-site education to clients?
A Dept ID is 5 digits. If you are not sure, a full list of all University Dept IDs can be found here
Please provide links or navigation paths to any current offerings so we can review them to see if they would be a good fit for Destiny.