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Creating Courses and Sections - DORS X201.1

The Curriculum Manager module is where users can create and maintain courses, sections, applications, instructors, certificates, and other information. 

*Completion of the Creating Courses and Sections training partially satisfies the requirements of the Course/Conf/Corp Eng. Creation/Management role in the system.  If you will be creating conferences, you will also need to complete DORS X401 Conference Manager Training.

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Course Administration - DORS X201.2

Course Administration includes a number of important topics such as how to view enrollment and revenue reports, grading sheets, class and waitlists, view learner and group enrollment histories, and email all or selected learners enrolled in a section.

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Enrollment Manager - DORS X301

The Enrollment Manager module gives staff access to learner and group profiles, enrollment history, and provides for management of registrations, drops, transfers, and financial adjustments. 

*This training is required for anyone that will be responsible for registrations and/or assigned a Registration Manager role in the system. Completion of this training satisfies the requirements of the Registration Manager role. This course is also a prerequisite for DORS X501 Corporate Engagement Manager. 

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Conference Manager - DORS X401

The Conference Manager module enables administrators to quickly set up and manage multiple conferences and events.

*Completion of this training partially satisfies the requirements of the Course/Conf/Corp Eng. Creation/Management role in the system.  If you will be creating courses and sections, you will also need to complete DORS X201.1 Creating Courses and Sections.

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Corporate Engagement Manager - DORS X501

The Corporate Engagement Manager functionality is split in two, the Corporate Admin Portal (CAP) and the Corporate Learner Portal (CLP). Each offers distinct features and benefits. Both are housed within the Enrollment Manager module and leverage Destiny's Group functionality.  If you wish to use CAP or CLP and attend this training, you must first complete Enrollment Manager training (DORS X301).

Both CAP and CLP provide unique URLs that can be branded, customized, and connected via a Group Contract to courses or bundles.  It does NOT connect to Conferences at this time.

The decision flow chart linked below illustrates a basic differentiation between CAP and CLP, based on Group membership options and Group payment options. 

Training Topics:

  • Create and brand a Corporate Learner Portal
  • Bill for a contract using a Special Request
  • Set up a Corporate Admin Portal

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Certificates and Bundles - DORS X601


A certificate corresponds to a series of courses that a student is required to complete in order to receive special acknowledgment and/or accreditation.


A bundle allows you to offer bundle pricing on those courses that make up a certificate.

Training Topics:

  • Understand the use cases for certificates and bundles
  • Create a certificate with multiple streams
  • Build a bundle
  • Enroll learners in certificates and bundles via Staff View
  • Award completed certificates
  • Drop learners from certificates and refund bundle purchases

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Digital Badges (Electronic Credentials) - DORS X701


Technology is trending toward the utilization of electronic credentials (digital badges) by educational institutions to augment traditional credentials such as paper certificates. A common way to describe a badge is a symbol or indicator of an accomplishment, skill, quality, or interest. Electronic credentials allow learners the ability to display verified skills and accomplishments on social media.

Destiny One Solutions partnered with Credly to offer an integrated way to issue digital badges to your learners. The badging feature enables units to create and issue badges for Certificate, Conference, Course Section, and Program (ISPM) offerings. Learners can then claim and manage their badges via their own Credly account.

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Review our Badge Overview document for more information on the Badge feature and find out how to submit your use case to start utilizing badges for your offerings. Sign up for training below.

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