The Destiny One Registration System (DORS) support team is here to:

  • Help you model complex use cases
  • Review your course and conference setup before you go live
  • Evaluate new system functionality and recommend configurations
  • Troubleshoot issues and test bug fixes and new release functionality
  • Provide vendor management

*The DORS support team is not intended to provide customer support to your students/learners.  Please be sure to provide clear pathways for learner support in your course and conference materials so that students/learners know who to contact when they have questions. 

Support Topics

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Support Topics

Unit configuration setup requests

New GL Account/EFS Chartstring

To request a new GL Account to be added to an existing Costing Unit.

Add a new GL Account/EFS Chartstring

New Program Offices & Costing Units

Request to add your Program Office and Costing Unit in production, or to add a new costing unit to an existing Program Office.

Add a new Program Office and/or Costing Unit

Multi-Program Branding Requests for Program Offices & Costing Units

Request to add custom information to existing Program Office and/or Costing Units.  Possible options for customization include: 

  • Contact information
  • Registration policies
  • Receipt notes
  • Logo for specific email templates
  • Logo for specific reports

Additional information on these customization options can be found in the Multi-Program FAQ document.

Customize an existing Program Office and/or Costing Unit

Learner profile updates

Merge Duplicate Learner Profiles Requests

In the case of duplicate learner profiles in the Destiny One Registration System, you may request to have them merged.  You will need to specify the profile to retain the academic and account information.  

Learner Profile Merge Request Form

Update Username Requests

In the event that you have updated the learner's preferred email address, please use this form to request that their username also be updated.  Changing the username will change the email address the learner will need to use to log into Destiny One, so be sure the learner is aware of, and has approved of this change.

Update Username Request Form

System user access requests (ARFs)

DORS Training/Role Matrix

The following table identifies the various training courses required for a given role within Destiny. Links to sign up for each course can be found on the Job Aids and Training tab.  A role will not be assigned in the production environment of Destiny One until the required training has been completed.

DORS Role/Training Matrix

For units that have already implemented the Destiny One Registration System:

  • To request access for a new program office/costing unit user, or to request access changes for existing users, please complete the DORS Access Request Form (ARF).
    • Note: When prompted to enter Costing Unit information, be sure to enter your unit/department as it appears in the PeopleSoft RRC/DeptID listing.  
  • Supervisors specified in the ARF will receive an email and will need to either approve or reject the request. The DORS support team will not receive the ARF until it has been approved.
  • Review the Role Definitions to ensure you are selecting the appropriate role(s). You will also want to review the Job Aids and Training link to ensure you have registered for the appropriate sessions needed to complete your access request. Production access will not be granted until you have completed the required training.
  • For changes in workflow setup, please contact [email protected] to request a copy of your current workflow configurations for editing.

If your unit has not implemented Destiny and you would like to get more information about the system please review the Getting Started tab and contact [email protected].

User community labs

Upcoming User Community Labs

Do you have an idea for a User Community Lab? Let us know at [email protected]

Previous User Community Labs

Note, the information available in the resources below was accurate at the time it was presented.  If you have questions about anything, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Credit card payment terminals

For issues with your Destiny One payment card terminal:

Do not call the support number listed under Help on The University of Minnesota has a dedicated support line, as follows.

*Clover Major Account Support Line*

#1. Clover Major Accounts – 844-506-8186
#2. Option 2 and input the Merchant ID (MID) for the location
#3  Provide the University of Minnesota case number to the support representative, even if they do not request it from you. They should not request additional information from you if you provide them with the case number. 

The dedicated support number, MID, and case number are located on the back of your payment card device. 

Clover Paper Roll Order Information

Self Help Resources:

Supporting your learners

Who is responsible for learner communication and troubleshooting learner issues?

Learner Support Scenarios


System Information

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The EvoLLLution

The EvoLLLution is an online newspaper exclusively for and by those who understand higher education. Modern Campus publishes articles and interviews by individuals across the postsecondary space, sharing their insights on higher education and opinions on what the future holds - all through a uniquely non-traditional lens.

Modern Campus change requests

Current Modern Campus/Destiny One Change Requests (CRs)

The following change requests are available in Production and Test:

  • ONE-83515 Configurable Direct Billing Account Field
  • ONE-83516 Add Conference Number to Conference Pages
  • ONE-83517 Display Special Request Public Description Field
  • ONE-85239 REQ-003 Copy Marketing Questions to New Sections
  • ONE-85239 REQ-004 Marketing Question Type Default Change
  • CR-23 for REQ-009: Editing Receipt Notes on Special Requests (NOTE: The delivered functionality does not meet the agreed-upon business requirements) 

Other alerts

Aurora 2023.3 

Version 2023.3 (Aurora) of Destiny One is available in our Test and Production instances. 

Please take the time to review the Destiny One Version 2023.3 Release Notes to familiarize yourself with the new or changing functionality.

Destiny One Release 2023.3 Webinar

Destiny One Release 2023.3 Customer Webinar (video)

Destiny One Release 2023.3 Customer Webinar (PDF)

 Topics include:

  • MyCreds(r) Badging Connector
  • Special Request Inventory Management
  • Conditional Discounts Based on Selected Tuition Profile
  • Account Activity Export
  • Marketing Questions Report for a Specific Course Section
  • Conference Manager: Private conference registration link for group members
  • Conference Manager: Staff ability to override and register in full conference packages, add-ons, and sessions
  • Conference Manager: Staff ability to cancel and re-enroll participants from/into conference packages in the same transaction
  • Conference Manager: Display outstanding balance on the participant list
  • New Payment Gateway: ACI SpeedPay
  • New Payment Gateway: Nelnet Checkout
  • Flywire International enhancements

Test scheduled system maintenance

Scheduled System Maintenance

Maintenance window hours:
Starting time: Tuesday, December 12th, 08:00 PM CDT
Ending time: Tuesday, December 12th, 11:00 PM CDT

Affected service(s):
TEST Public View (
TEST Staff View (
TEST Web Services (

Expected impact:
We expect that there will be a 15 to 60 minutes outage during the maintenance window. In the unlikely event that problems are encountered, the outages could be more extensive and occur at any time within the maintenance window.


Production scheduled system maintenance

Scheduled System Maintenance

Next scheduled maintenance TBD.



*The DORS support team is not intended to provide customer support to your students/learners.  Please be sure to provide clear pathways for learner support in your course and conference materials so that students/learners know who to contact when they have questions. 

Internal Contact Details:

TDX Responsible Group: ASR Destiny One
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 625-0406 or 844-228-0558

Destiny Solutions Registration System: Service Level Agreement