The Destiny One governance team kicked off in June 2015 with broad representation from across the University. The purpose was to provide effective leadership and shared responsibility for the system. If your college, campus, or administrative unit is not currently represented in governance as a voting member, please submit a nomination for yourself or someone else.

Destiny One

Governance Oversight

Stacey Tidball - ASR

Mike Volna - Controller's Office

Governance Voting Members

Peg Sherven or Jeny Kertz AHSCI
Katherine Hagberg CCAPS
Mike Balak CFANS
Lindsey Fischer CSE
Stephanie O'Donnell Extension
TBD Graduate School
TBD Law School
Josh Ruegg OIT
Carley Nadeau UMD
Cari Hatcher UMN Ticketing & Events
TBD University Health & Safety
TBD VetMed
Brian Hasty or Len Kne Research & Innovation
Paul Ceelen CAHP
Christopher Stordalen CLA
Connie Buechele CSOM
TBD Facilities Management
TBD Health Sciences Administration
Carola Kulow Medical School
Claire Fenimore Pharmacy
Sandy Nelson Undergrad Ed, ASR
TBD University Libraries
TBD VP Academic Affairs
TBD VP Student Affairs
Caitlin Potter CBS
Keith Carlson or Emilee Kaupp CEHD
David Laden Controller's Office
Peg Hanssen Dentistry
Liz Hellebuyck GPS
Curtis Coffer or Taylor Gilard Nursing
Meghan Taylor SPH
Anne Kowal UMR
TBD University Finance
TBD University Relations
TBD VP Equity & Diversity

Governance Meetings

Meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month (moved to the second Tuesday if the University is closed on the first Tuesday).  This is an open meeting, and any current or prospective system users are encouraged to attend. Attendees come from each college and many departments from throughout the entire University system.

The Destiny Governance Team Charter outlines membership and voting rules during decision-making.

Meeting Goals

  • Facilitate the effective use of Destiny One for non-credit registration
  • Promote operational effectiveness and efficiency throughout the University system
  • Support adoption of Destiny One as the system of record for non-credit courses and conferences
  • Enable data gathering & governance to facilitate strategic planning within each costing unit
  • Enhance both the learner’s and the administrative customer’s experience
  • Participate in a center of excellence supporting full and effective process integration of Destiny across University systems

Governance Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Meeting information, including the agenda, and minutes from previous meetings can be found on the Governance Agenda and Meeting Notes submenu tab for this page.

If you have any questions, please let us know at [email protected].