There are a few ways to get data from the system to meet your strategic and operational needs.

Destiny One Reporting Module

Destiny One offers over 150 built-in reports from the reporting module. Destiny’s HELP module provides a detailed list of available reports with descriptions and a link to detailed specifications for each report. You may also choose to review the Destiny One Reporting Guide v2023_2

Custom Reporting

The DORS team has developed a dedicated website for hosting custom reporting from Destiny, called the DORS Staff User Reporting Center. This website provides centralized access to reports that utilize the Destiny Archive Database – a reporting database that provides access to near-real-time Destiny data.

DORS Staff User Reporting Center

For units that require direct access to the Destiny Archive Database for their own custom reporting purposes, we are able to provide access if the following requirements are met:

  • Prove sufficient business need for database access
  • Obtain “Microsoft SQL Server Management Suite 2014” software. DORS team does not provide or support this software.
  • A staff member with the skills to use “Microsoft SQL Server Management Suite 2014”.

To request access to the Archive Database, please use the Destiny Access Request Form (ARF).

  • Note: When prompted to enter Costing Unit information, be sure to enter your unit/department as it appears in the PeopleSoft RRC/DeptID listing.  If you are uncertain, you can search using a keyword by entering an * first  (i.e. *CSOM will pull all DeptIDs with CSOM listed somewhere in the name).
  • Supervisors specified in the ARF will receive an email and will need to either approve or reject the request. The DORS support team will not receive the ARF until it has been approved.