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Corporate Engagement Manager - DORS X501

The Corporate Engagement Manager functionality is split in two, the Corporate Admin Portal (CAP) and the Corporate Learner Portal (CLP). Each offers distinct features and benefits. Both are housed within the Enrollment Manager module and leverage Destiny's Group functionality.  If you wish to use CAP or CLP and attend this training, you must first complete Enrollment Manager training.

Both CAP and CLP provide unique URLs that can be branded, customized, and connected via a Group Contract to courses or bundles.  It does NOT connect to Conferences at this time.

The decision flow chart linked below illustrates a basic differentiation between CAP and CLP, based on Group membership options and Group payment options. 

Training Topics:

  • Create and brand a Corporate Learner Portal
  • Bill for a contract using a Special Request
  • Set up a Corporate Admin Portal

Detailed training outline

Prerequisite Course

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