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Digital Badges (Electronic Credentials) - DORS X701


Technology is trending toward the utilization of electronic credentials (digital badges) by educational institutions to augment traditional credentials such as paper certificates. A common way to describe a badge is a symbol or indicator of an accomplishment, skill, quality, or interest. Electronic credentials allow learners the ability to display verified skills and accomplishments on social media.

Destiny One Solutions partnered with Credly to offer an integrated way to issue digital badges to your learners. The badging feature enables units to create and issue badges for Certificate, Conference, Course Section, and Program (ISPM) offerings. Learners can then claim and manage their badges via their own Credly account.

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Review our Badge Overview document for more information on the Badge feature and find out how to submit your use case to start utilizing badges for your offerings. Sign up for training below.

CEU Credential Guidelines

Non-Degree Credential Guidelines - Recommendations related to the development, delivery, and issuance of Continuing Education Units (CEUs), non-credit bearing certificates and badges, and other non-degree credentials and micro-credentials offered by the University of Minnesota.

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